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Media Reports
·【Nature】Inside China’s giant underground neutrino lab (2024.03.18)
·【Nature】The science events to watch for in 2023 (2022.12.20)
·【Scientific American】Powerful New Observatory Will Taste Neutrinos’ Flavors (2020.09.23)
·【Nature】New:Science stars of China (2016.06.22)
·【】Particle physicists discuss JUNO neutrino experiment (2016.01.22)
·【】Groundbreaking at JUNO (2016.01.22)
·【Ecole】The JUNO experiment in China (2016.01.22)
·【Research Italy】Huge neutrinos detector JUNO, construction begins (2014.08.26)
·【】JUNO International Collaboration established (2014.08.26)
·【Assergi Racconta】Dai Laboratori del Gran Sasso al Jiangmen Underground Neu... (2014.08.26)
·【ECNS】China to build underground neutrino lab (2014.08.26)
·【Asian Scientist】 China Joins Pursuit To Uncover Neutrino Mystery (2014.08.04)
·【Science Index】Overview of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (J... (2014.08.04)
·【Prezi】China to build a huge underground neutrino experiment (2014.08.04)
·【The Hindu】China starts building its second neutrino experiment (2014.08.04)
·【South China Morning Post】China races ahead in global effort to catch elusi... (2014.03.26)
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