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Project Progress
·New Members Approved in JUNO Collaboration (2018.02.14)
·IN2P3 Delegation Visits IHEP (2017.10.27)
·Wang Yifang Awarded 2016 Pontecorvo Prize (2017.04.18)
·Producer Selected for Key Component of JUNO (2017.04.18)
·Delegation of the University of Malaya Visits IHEP and Signs a Memorandum of ... (2017.04.18)
·IHEP in China, and CU, SUT and NARIT in Thailand Sign a Memorandum of Underst... (2017.04.18)
·Ninth JUNO Collaboration Meeting Held at SYSU Zhuhai Campus (2017.04.18)
·WANG Yifang Elected Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (2016.11.07)
·Eighth JUNO Collaboration Meeting Held at IHEP (2016.08.17)
·WEN Liangjian Wins IUPAP Young Scientist Award (2016.06.23)
·Seventh JUNO International Collaboration Meeting Held (2016.01.21)
·Key Components Ordered for JUNO Experiment (2016.01.05)
·The Sixth JUNO Collaboration Meeting Held at IHEP (2016.01.05)
·The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory Collaboration officially releas... (2015.01.26)
·Groundbreaking at JUNO (2015.01.12)
·JUNO International Collaboration established (2014.08.01)
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