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JUNO Holds 21st International Collaboration Meeting
2023-02-24 | 【Large Medium Small
The 21st International Collaboration Meeting of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) was held from Feb. 6–10, as a hybrid meeting with both in-person and online participation. About 200 scientists from Asia and Europe attended the meeting in Kaiping.
Prof. WANG Yifang, JUNO spokesperson and director of IHEP, summarized the project's progress at the plenary session. With the efforts of the project team, the installation of all systems is being fully carried out, and the installation of the acrylic vessel has made great progress. Every subsystem group held discussions in parallel sessions and reported their progress during the plenary session.

During the meeting, the collaborators visited JUNO's underground laboratory and were deeply impressed by the JUNO detector.

Two new member institutions, Chengdu University of Technology and Universidad Andrés Bello, were approved to join the JUNO Collaboration, which now has a total of 75 formal members. 

Since China's pandemic controls have already been cancelled, the next collaboration meeting will be held from July 24–28 at the JUNO site.

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