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The 15th international collaboration meeting of JUNO held in Nanning, Guangxi
2020-01-30 | 【Large Medium Small

From January 13th to 17th, the 15th international collaboration meeting of the JUNO experiment was held by Guangxi University. Approximately 270 scientists from more than 50 universities and institutes, belonging to 13 countries and regions including China , Belgium,  Brazil, Chile, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Russia,  Taiwan China etc attended the meeting.

   The Vice President of Guangxi University Shaojian Ma addressed at the opening ceremony of the meeting. The spokesperson of JUNO, the director of IHEP, Yifang Wang introduced overall status of the experiment at the beginning of the meeting and gave a summary about the focus and the schedule of the next phase. Assembly and installation are the keys of the project. 12 subsystem reported their progress and organized discussions in parallel sessions.  At the same time, 14 technical reviews were conducted, including the conceptual design report of Taishan neutrino experiment. Some participants visited the small PMT laboratory responsible by Guangxi University.

   “JUNO PhD Thesis Award” and “JUNO Young Researcher Award” were decided to establish at the 13th JUNO collaboration meeting to promote outstanding young talents. Tao Lin and Jie Zhao, associate researchers of IHEP, won the "JUNO Young Researcher Award" in 2019 for their outstanding contributions to software and low background research respectively. Christoph Genster who comes from University of Tuebingen won the “JUNO PhD Thesis Award”. The award ceremony was held during the collaboration meeting.

   The Institutional Board of the JUNO collaboration approved University of Zagreb, Rhodia to join the collaboration. Until now, the number of participating countries and regions ofJUNO increases to 18, with 78 affiliations in total. All members of the collaboration passed the "code of conduct" of JUNO.

   The meeting announced that the 16th collaboration meeting would be held from July 6th to 11th, 2020 at IHEP, Beijing.

Group photo

Award ceremony



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