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The First International Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting of Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory in Shanghai
2019-01-22 | 【Large Medium Small

  The first International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISC) meeting of Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University from January 19th to 20th. Great famous peer experts from Tsinghua University, Tokyo University, Duke University, Technical University of Munich, Russian Dubna Joint Nuclear Research Institute and so on, attended the meeting.   

  Academician Yifang Wang, the spokesperson of JUNO, first introduced the overall status of the experiment. Professor Marcos Dracos, the chairman of the institutional committee, introduced the management structure of the collaboration. The physics analysis coordinator Liangjian Wen introduced the physics goals and potential of JUNO. Subsequently, managers from sub-systems such as central detector, veto detector, liquid scintillator, calibration, large PMT electronics and trigger, new development of PMT, PMT testing and protection, small PMT system, etc. presented the corresponding design and development progress report. After that, the committee carried out a closed meeting and had a two-hour discussion with the core members of JUNO.  

  The ISC consulted on the experiment from physics, project management, and detector technology. In terms of physics, it was recommended not only to enhance the international competitive neutrino mass hierarchy research, but also to strengthen the unique advantages of JUNO, such as the precise measurement of the mixing angle theta12 and geo-neutrinos. A detailed understanding of the current challenges and corresponding effective responses in the technical aspects, is of special importance. JUNO was also suggested to accelerate the publication of relevant physical and technological achievements. They asked the factors affecting the progress in details in terms of project management, and which areas that JUNO needs help from ISC.. They also expressed strong interest in young scientist promotion program proposed by JUNO.    

  The ISC plans to hold at least one meeting a year, forming a written report to be presented to the host institute and the international collaboration.

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