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Delegation of the University of Malaya Visits IHEP and Signs a Memorandum of Understanding
2017-04-18 | 【Large Medium Small

A five-person delegation from the University of Malaya in Malaysia (UM), headed by Prof Dr Zanariah Abdullah, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, visited IHEP on April 11, 2017. Prof. Wang Yifang, Director of IHEP, along with Prof. Chen Gang, Deputy Director of IHEP, Prof. Dong Yuhui, Assistant Director of IHEP, and a number of IHEP staff, hosted the delegation.

Prof. Wang Yifang extended warm welcome to the UM delegation, and briefly introduced IHEP research status and future plans. Prof Dr Zanariah Abdullah reported the UM status and the teaching and research activities in the Faculty of Science. Then the discussion on the fields of particle physics, neutrino physics, and materials science was followed and UM expressed strong interest in IHEP large science projects, such as JUNO experiment and CMB project. In the meeting, MoU between two parties was signed with aim at promoting scientific exchange and collaboration.

After the meeting, the MU guests visited the photomultiplier laboratory, the BEPC central control room, and the BSRF experiment hall in IHEP Beijing. On April 12, MU delegation visited China Neutron Spallation Source and Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment facilities in Shenzhen.

The University of Malaya (UM) is the foremost and premier Research University (RU) in Malaysia. It is a multidisciplinary RU that has more than 27,000 students and 1700 academic staff with 17 faculties and research centers which covers the whole spectrum of learning from the Arts, Sciences and Humanities. The university's beginning at the Kuala Lumpur campus dates back to 1957 and thus far has a huge alumni of over 100,000, among them renowned and illustrious personalities and leaders in various fields.


IHEP and University of Malaya Sign a Memorandum of Understanding(Imaged by IHEP)


Delegation of the University of Malaysia Visits IHEP(Imaged by IHEP)

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