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The Sixth JUNO Collaboration Meeting Held at IHEP
2016-01-05 | 【Large Medium Small

The Sixth JUNO (Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory) Collaboration Meeting was held at IHEP on July 13-17, 2015. More than 100 scholars from institutions and universities at home plus about 50 scholars from abroad attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired in turns by Wang Yifang, spokesperson of the JUNO Collaboration and Cao Jun, Gioacchino Ranucci, deputy spokespersons of the Collaboration. Wang Yifang introduced the progress of JUNO; he emphasized the critical milestones of the JUNO construction. JUNO is facing fierce international competition. Plans must be adequate, construction milestones must be met, and experiment must start according to the milestones.

At the meeting, Li Xiaonan and researchers from all the sub-systems reported their progress respectively. Reviews on the design of key components were performed, including the review on the central detector, the electronics and the photo-multiplier. Experts suggested that more attention should be paid to reliability, tolerance and heat radiation in the system designs. These suggestions are very significant to the detailed designs in the next phase.

The Collaboration accepted new members at this meeting. They are the University of Milan-Bicocca, the University of Maryland and the Catholic University of Chile. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Moscow State University were accepted as observers. So far, the Collaboration has boasted 55 formal members. The meeting also discussed and passed the rules on paper publication. It is decided that the next Collaboration meeting will be held in Xiamen University in January, 2016.

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