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JUNO EPC project contract signed
2014-04-28 | 【Large Medium Small

On April 16, the signing ceremony for the JUNO supporting infrastructure EPC contract was held at IHEP, as well as a civil engineering and scientific research needs discussion meeting. The meeting was attended by IHEP Director  Yifang Wang, deputy director Xiao'an Luo and project team members including JUNO supervisor Beibei Shao, vice president of Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd (YREC) Ren Xu, Engineering Dean Fumin Niu, deputy director of Sinohydro Bureau 6 Co. Ltd Chenyang Zhu, chairman of Henan Kam Yuen construction Co. Ltd Wenpu Deng,. 

Yifang Wang introduced the latest progress of the JUNO project, explaining that JUNO was the first CAS EPC project, in preparation for over a year, and that YREC have done a lot of work during this process, including conceptual design,  preliminary design and so on. They also made full preparations for this bidding and deserved to win the bid. He expressed his hope that both IHEP and YREC would work together to bring about high-quality and timely completion of  this project . Ren Xu first thanked IHEP for their trust, saying that the construction management model of EPC gives the contractor more enthusiasm and initiative; they have ability and confidence to achieve this project. Moreover, years of tacit cooperation between the design institute and construction unit, combined with the strong support of local government, will be the key to the ultimate success of this project.

The contractor promised to formulate the entire schedule of EPC and the key work list based on this conference, considering possible risks in advance, communicating positively with JUNO members and putting forward countermeasures, striving for all the necessary government approvals to ensure this project starts smoothly in November, 2014.

Both sides also discussed the interface of the infrastructure and scientific research needs, laying a good foundation to complete the preliminary design drawings as soon as possible.

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